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October 2013.

OIS Financial Ltd

We collect Personal Information, what we collect depends on the nature of your interaction and the type of product we are selling. By providing us with your personal information, you consent to the collection, use and Disclosure for the purposes Identified in the Policy. We will obtain your consent prior to obtaining any information. We keep your information on file in our data base for the only purpose of service related issues and for repeat purchase. We review your file with you at every sale and at every interaction.

Travel Insurance:

We need to know the dates of travel and any and all medical information that relates to the correct and accurate sale of the product. This may include doctor records, prescription records, pharmacy records and all relevant information related to the completion of the application. The client must sign all applications and pay the appropriate premium. All information is kept Confidential and not released to any parties without the specific consent of the applicant.


We need the information that is relevant to the completion of the application and the client is approving the release of information to the insurance company that is needed to fully underwrite the policy. The client must sign the application and pay the appropriate premium. No cash sales are authorized. No information is released to Unauthorized Parties without the Consent of the Applicant


All Applications are completed with the client and duly signed. No cash Sales. Discussion of all confidential information including Income, Investment knowledge, discussions with family members or professional colleagues are Kept Confidential, and no information is released to anyone without prior consent. Discussions of Investment material is kept to the client, the advisor and the insurance company.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Outside Parties:

We do not distribute your information to third parties without your consent provided either orally, in Writing or in Electronic Updates. You are authorizing OIS Financial Ltd to collect, use and disclose information in order to provide you with products or services and resolve claims issues and discuss cases with Underwriters for Travel Insurance issues. We are required by Law to disclose certain personal information in response to a court order or Subpoena to detect and prevent criminal activity and or to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Safeguarding of Personal Information:

We do our utmost to protect and safeguard your Personal information by using physical, electronic and Procedural, measures that are appropriate to the sensitivity of the information, including protection against loss and theft as well as unauthorized access, disclosure, copying , use or modification. We retain Personal information as indicated only for as long as it is required to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected.

Collection of Payments:

We collect cash, cheques and Credit Card for Travel Insurance Sales and keep this information Confidential. If you ask us to destroy your method of payment and not retain your payment information after collection, we will abide by your request.
We do not collect Cash for Investment or Life Insurance Sales.

OIS Financial Ltd
Anne Nikiforuk-President