Marg & Glen Brink

We recently had to use our medical insurance , my husband was hospitalized in the USA for four days . If it hadn’t been for Anne….we would have been hooped. She dug in and fought tooth & nail for us…NEVER giving up….gathered all the information needed to fight our case. Our appeal was rejected twice…that didn’t stop her one bit….she continued to fight on. I’m happy to report that on the third try….they over turned our appeal and agreed to pay for everything. We were TOTALY lost as to where to begin….Anne just stepped in and took over…she is SO up on everything and every angle to try…. We have dealt with her for several years…and have recommended her to several of our snow bird friends….all have been more than happy with the service they got….. If you want good service, and know you have someone who will help you should you need her….I highly recommend Anne. We hope to meet her on our next trip through Kelowna. Not only did we get GREAT service….we now have a new friend…….